My Story so far...

I set up Holly’s Healthy Kitchen a few years ago as a way of documenting my journey back to health and to share my culinary creations. I have worked alongside an established nutritionist (and family member), Lisa Snowdon and consulted with a highly respected Nutritional Therapist for several years, so on both a personal and professional level I have been immersed in the value of nutrition on mine and others health. With this foundation in place, it was at the start of 2018 when I thought I took the next step and expanded my knowledge of food and nutrition by taking a Diploma in Nutritional Therapy.


My Journey:

In 2015, I suddenly became very ill which left me bed bound for several months and house bound for a period after that. For some time, nobody could figure out exactly what was wrong with me.

After much investigation, testing and after seeing many specialists, I was diagnosed eventually with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (sometimes referred to as M.E).

The NHS unfortunately were unable to offer me much help for the illness. So, with help and support from my parents, I explored alternative avenues in my quest to regain my health - one of which was nutrition.

Whilst I’m mostly recovered, I truly believe that it was a combination of different approaches, such as good nutrition, meditation, yoga and acupuncture, which helped me on my road to recovery.

I completely and utterly believe that good nutrition is a VITAL part of the puzzle when it comes to achieving optimum health.

Holly’s Healthy Kitchen blog was started initially to share my recipe creations, details about my personal health journey and to provide tips on how to be the happiest and healthiest version of you. It continues to evolve as I learn more about the role of nutrition and other holistic approaches and how these can help others achieve optimum health.